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Everyone loves cakes! They’re the centrepiece of every celebration – it just wouldn’t be the same without a cake. So, at Cakesallover.co.uk, our aim is to make it easier for people to buy great tasting cakes online.


We bring together the largest collection of bakers and cake shops in the UK, people who run their own cake-making business and love baking delicious cakes. It means Cakesallover.co.uk is able to meet any requirement, whether you need a cake for an engagement or birthday party, or something quite different, like to celebrate passing your driving test or graduating from university.


Find your perfect cake at Cakesallover.co.uk

Location is no problem when searching for a cake. We make it easy for you to find your perfect cake practically on your doorstep by searching by postcode. If cost and occasion are the most important factors for you, then search for your cake by price or category. Unsure about taste? No problem. Search for a cake by review and find out what others think.


Whatever your need, you will find the perfect baker, and the perfect cake at Cakesallover.co.uk – the website dedicated to bringing you the best tasting cakes in the country!